Ruby/Amy Finley

I don’t hear much about him how is he?

Solid card at Amy, he can shoot, drive, & plays defense.

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Just got the Amy a few days ago to replace Pierce, wonky release, but ok.

Still not sure if it was an upgrade over Pierce. He hasn’t really stood out in any way.

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Yea that’s what I was wondering how he compared to Pierce thanks

No clamps = no thanks

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Fun for my mavs theme squad but overall he’s outclassed by other Amys. I’m thinking Brian winters specifically as a free card

He’s really meh

Another plus is at least Finley doesn’t step over the 3pt line like my Piece always did.

My motto


Make this a shirt and I’ll cop

Ditto. I evolved him to I think the relatively easy third tier, and briefly thought about pushing higher but figured it was unnecessary for the final game of the SL Series (it was, totally), and I wasn’t going to want to play him beyond the SL Series…because no Clamps and not enough, otherwise, to make up for that.

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Hes pretty solid in ttoffline