ROY race

Hawks are only 2 games behind Mavs.

Trae is averaging 35/4/10 since the all star break.

If they end up above the Mavs in the standings and he holds this pace towards the end I definitely wouldn’t be upset with a split ROY or even Trae getting it.

Gonna be fun watching the Hawks and Mavs algames if they start battling hard for it, good for the NBA as well.

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Trae for ROY

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Historically team record has not mattered for ROY. I think luka will still get it and itll be really close


Yeah I agree the record doesn’t really have an effect though it seemed it was what people were putting Luka over Trae for but I do think the Hawks beating some big time teams will help his case. Either way it’s great for the NBA and fans.

Luka will end up with the award. Also too Mavs are trying to hold into top 5 in the lottery so we in extra tank mode. Plus Trae only been doing this the 2nd half of the season. Its nice seeing both of them develop to far this season especially since Luka was the runaway earlier on but i still think he’ll get it.

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I think it will be close but I think trae young will come away with it

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It will be close but Luka will get it. Most forgot how much hype he had in the first half of the season.

Maybe CO ROY but I don’t see it, I think it’s Luka

Trae is the worst defender in the league, by far(per DRPM)

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He’s a rookie and defense clearly isn’t a priority for nba teams right now

Luka shouldnt be penalized for his team trying to tank

Facts I wonder how much his minutes and usage percentage have dropped since asg

Once barea got hurt and harrison barnes was traded is full tank ahead

He is averaging 25/4/9, not 35/4/10.

And btw Luka is shooting like shit since ASB, but still averaging 22/9/7, ffs.

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I was boutta say 35 holy shit :joy:

How shit? What are the numbers

ice trae the gang

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Luka still winning it by a mile

Luka for a mile