Roster Nerfing Test

For those that have god or god-like squads and are convinced something feels off from time to time with guys like Magic or McGrady or Durant, etc. Here is a test.

Go Into Freestyle.
When the Loading screen begins, SPAM the start button.
Spam continuously until you are brought directly into the pause menu.
Go Into Substitutions.

You may see some crazy atlerations to your roster. This has been a constant for me the last 2 days. I keep trading in/out diamonds to test it out. Massive reductions in ratings.

In every iteration I attempt it seems to affect the order of my players in this manner:
Top Player: Light alterations
2nd Player: Nothing Changed at all.
3rd Player: Massive Alterations, Very lowered 3pt, SWB, on A LOT of attributes.
4th Player: Massive Alterratins Nearly identical to above.

Some Other Oddities
Isaac: Huge upgrades across the board. This supports a New Card theory with the running rubies.

All other cards are virtually untouched. So any Amys under 95 seem to not be altered, and all my other Rubies do not get any changes.

If you exit the menu area, and re-enter these alterations are gone.

However, it is my belief that at times we may fall under their DDA algorithms. For me, it has been a while since I have spent any money, and I have finished out numerous sets.

I am going to keep checking this every day at this point as with each update new alterations could occur.

Give it a try, it may help explain some of your frustrations.


I saw this recently but it went away. Dirk’s 3PT dropped to F

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Sometimes my players drop 2 ovr thats crazy

I hit from everywhere with him in friendlies or any other games than sm but hit almost none in sm. I can say i’m perfect with this release timing and got shocked most of the time in sm. I mean i’m running some pnp plays for him and those are open shots mostly mid and 3. He bricks everytime i can clearly say it’s not lag related since it does not happen to my other players. Passer is also always a hof dimer.
I’m saying this because he is the only card i really want to use and see big difference in those games.

I’ll definitely check this crap out. Thanks a lot!
Edit: I wonder if it’s possible to get a “perfect” lineup using this trick and trying out different cards. Maybe certain cards interfere with one another. Oh and that new card stuff is definitely real. All rubies lose their shine after a bit.

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I think these algorithms are being turned on/off all the time. So it really could be a switch that is turned on/off each update. This doesn’t really even factor in Equalizer. This is VERY LIKELY one of the symptoms you see in equalized games. Now factor in a game where your roster is already nerfed due to this algorithm. Plus any kind of equalizer as well, and I think that is where a lot of us can visually see crap that breaks controllers.

I will be checking this every day I play SM from now on. When I see this, my roster gets 3 diamonds tops.

Can it also be coach related ? Have you checked the same squad with a different coach ?

Last games I played in CancerMax were terrible.Full of lag,eq at his best and however I was 22-1 with 3220 pts.Then I matched up with a guy with pd kg,pd harden,towns,pierce and some other great cards.I won 85-59 and after I got the mt screen and then guit I got a dc and -97 pts.Then I got matched up with some cheater,he crashef the game before tip off,the prevent message appeared then another dc -95 pts.Back to 3028.

I’m smelling a serious court case if this stuff really finds any real proof. 2k selling us cards that may not work as advertised because 2k themselves are manipulating with em?


So people are grinding for a pd Zingis that is actually a ruby in %50 of their games :rofl:


Haha maybe

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My thoughts exactly. It is my choice to pay for players, if I am willing to pay a lot, again my choice. But I should be guaranteed that player is playing to his attributes, and not be getting crazy alterations.

Its like buying a Mercedes, then 4 weeks later they swapped in a Camry.

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Maybe a lada

95 diamonds might be included in that category. We all know Cousins is a stable, reliable card.

The 94 Lewis is not altered. 95s seem to get altered in my tests, but not if they are you 6th+ diamond. At least from my tests.

I use kerr as a coach and many times my players although they have 99 prof system their attr and ovr dropped a lot.

Sometimes even pd harden is dropped to 98

And when testing, it will be obvious if you are affected. You will see red down arrows everywhere…

Cousins feels crazy consistent while Porzingis can let you down hard from time to time.