Rose vs Iverson

Which one is better? How do they compare in game they are quite similar on paper. Who’s used both?

Rose is the better driver and is taller but Iverson has the better release would rather take rose tbh

6’3 vs 6’0 and Rose also has gold range extender. So better dunker and shooter.

What are some of Iversons strengths over Rose? Slightly higher defensive stats and gold Interceptor?

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Don’t knock it till you try it. A.I is good.


He got Hof pick pocket, better jumpshot , hof deadeye and if you’re a dribble head he got all those cheesy Hof playmaking badges but I would still take rose my personal preference can’t go wrong w either plus Iverson is cheaper

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Rose, I had AI wasnt a fan but I’m not much of a moving shot taker. Just feel like Rose finishes inside better and shoots from deep better in my experience.

They both have the same dribble pull-up animation athletic 2 so I imagine they feel quite similar on moving shots?

Range extender is a must have badge on any card that isn’t an inside big man or a corner three spot up shooter.

You can’t shoot consistently on the wing/top of the key or in the mid range without range extender this year.

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Rose for sure

Dont sell your Rose now, I only got 240k back from him with Diamond Contract

A lot of people were using ai in the qualifer when Ai was a lot better.


I only have Rose, but from my experience playing MTU I’d take him over Iverson just because of range extender. Other than that Iverson seems like he’s great.

I don’t have Baron either but IMO he seems like he’s just as good or better than Rose. Not statistically, but his animations and jumper look awesome. Them not having him as the extra reward for 12-0 this month killed my motivation to play.

I’d take Rose, but this feels like the best A.I. I’ve used in years. I have both. Rose starting.

Rose is even better driver/dunker than baron and shooter imo lol. Baron better defensively but rose ain’t shabby. Imo he is more fun than Ben Simmons at pg

I wanted Baron and wanted them to give him out this month too, sucks they didn’t

Maybe next month?

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Have a question , too broke to buy Rose (so Ben ofc) , not good enough to do a 12-0 and win Baron so between AI and Stock which is the best PG ? Currently running Franchise that is a nightmare defensively , i hide him on the shooter (when i can) , wanted to build Jrue but his animations are bs , maybe buid free IT … weakest spot the PG

Just make Jrue a spot up shooter on offense then run your offense through your SG, SF, or PF.

I got iverson for 100k the other day… and I wouldn’t say rose is wo 100-150k better than iverson, that’s my sell point

I havent owned either one, but usually see one of the two nearly every other game.

Rose dunks better, contest shots better, and has range extender.

Iverson steals brtter, hits more shots, and his pull-up makes his driving threat just as lethal as roses posterizing dunks.

I have Baron Davis and Francis right now, sold my Ben Simmons yesterday, just didn’t like having 2 non shooters on the floor and wanted 400kmt to play with.

I would save my mt for cards this week! Neither iverson or rose are much better than Francis to me. Sure they have better defensive stats and badges, but they can’t stop Francis on offense. So you’re not really upgrading.

Francis is free, iverson and rose both way overpriced in my eyes. Neither are as good as baron, and I think 2K will notice that and put out something to fix that.

The pink diamond James Harden is probably more worth 100kmt. I hvent used him either but, more people have lit me up with him than either rose or AI.

But like I said earlier, between now and the end of month we’ll probably get a better pg.

Oscar?? The Glove?? Jason Kidd with quick draw??? Walt Frazier? Better Gilbert Arenas?
Jalen Rose if you’re collecting cards.

It’s like Ben Simmons, I’m never going to qualify for the 250k tourney, so if I’m good enough to go 12-0 without the card then why have him on my team?? Cards that lock for nothing or nothing spectacular never hold their value.

With that being said, Drose might be a good investment, unless they drop superpacks.


Why in the hell doesn’t AI have Tireless Scorer?