Rookie Kobe

Anybody notice rookie Kobe has a shooting sleeve and wears #24? 2k already screwing player models 1 week in lol

How does he play? I want to get him but hesitant about spending 33k

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Dont do it

Damnit man

More overall stats then ammy Harden and he balls out for me but i havent taken him online yet, his jumper is mamba Kobe too so it’s easy to green

Im sorry im sorry, i had to do it, he was 29k, i had to see for myself lol

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If I didn’t pull him I wouldn’t have tried him but I’m glad I did. He balls out. Pretty much unguardable. Larry is super smoothe as well



In my system with kerr he gets 83 mid open and 83 open 3 90 ball control 84 on ball 87 contested mid

This is bad, im tempted to put a diamond shoe on him

Its your MT so do you, but he will be worth alot less in the coming weeks so keep that in mind if u get bored of him

Kobe was 29k the shoe was 6k, should i do it?
Mind u he in kerr system also

6k doesnt worth the headache lol

Just do what you want bro. You want to play with him go ahead. These people talking you out of it are concerned about the long term. But you want to play with a card go ahead that’s what you got the game for



Yall spending wayyyyyyy too much for a damn sapphire that wont mean a thing in 2 weeks but hey I get it hes a big name and we all love kobe! Just sayin

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Who cares though? At the end of the day it’s a game played for fun. I want to enjoy my experience for as long as i can, not torture myself for 4months till the OP cards come out. As you can tell from my user name I’m a huge Kobe fan so I’m gonna cop his card every time, is that smart? Nope but it’s fun to use guys you like irl.


Do it, they’re cheap af bro

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My approach this year is to only get people I liked in 2k18. I’m waiting for upgraded versions of Steph, KD, Cousins, AD, PG13, etc. If I liked Kobe in 2k, I’d grab every version.

Enjoy the game!


Played one game with him, he was fun, now ima post him for 65k, the cheapest up bow is 75k, see if anyone bites, plus mine has the shoe