Ronnie2k vs Troydan

Ronnie bout to get smacked lok


Please for everything good in this world troydan smack him by 20 in both games.

They’re both pretty awful from what I’ve seen

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Watch Ronny playing GO giannis at the 1 spot and rest of his starters above 6‘9“ !

PLUS he’s gonna offball.

Mark my words :joy:


Ya let me tune in on my day off on Memorial day… holy smokes

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Lol Ronnie having some server issues

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2k servers too. He’s on PSN but can’t go online on 2k.

Trashstation back at it again

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Does it mean one would need prime subscription to see Ronnie going out for a dinner again?

They were on different consoles lmao

Link? Wtf is caffeine

In the original post with the caffeine hyperlink. It’s like twitch.
Ronnie still down. Shit is comical. Maybe he can fix the servers when he goes in to work tomorrow.

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Is this a meme or are people serious when they say stuff like this? (I know you’re kidding but still)

Ronnie isn’t a developer, he isn’t to blame for anything other than being generally a walking cringe.

Blame Mike Wang and the other actual 2k developers for the problems with the game.

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Just being sarcastic. I know he has nothing to do with the servers.

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I know I know, so many people blame Ronnie on twitter for stuff though.

Just makes me feel like he’s the fall guy while the real developers never get any shit.

Ronnie is a certified Fuckboi period

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Better yet, he tries using a real point guard and gets destroyed by Giannis.