Ronnie2k needs a name change to Ronnie2D

Ronnie2k needs a name change to Ronnie2D


what is he even saying thats so stupid

When he’s sees the 2k logo, he thinks of himself :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

When I see the logo, I think of misery, water potential, and glitches to make it better

He’s replying to a tweet from his own company?

when i see that logo i’m thinking about these trash server that makes me play MTU at 4AM because the servers are unplayable at any other time :slight_smile:

i’m thinking about all that sleeping i’m losing because of that logo…

Don’t think you guys understand the context that this logo is for content creators in MyCareer, and ronnie decides which content creators to give it to

even then, the framing is still pretty douchey. he should have said something like “there are a lot of great ones that come to my mind, and tomorrow I’ll be adorning some of the best.”

Instead, he chose to say “I think of me”, to focus on himself.


Ok I’m translating for these guys bc they don’t know what the “2k logo” is

I agree ronnie is a joke

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The thing is, it’s highly likely he was the one that tweeted from the 2k account too. Just like how he retweets his own tweets for more views on his streams. :joy:

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