Ronnie2k Happy Birthday post

Anyone catch his last tweet about his bday? I go to the comments to get a laugh as usual and it never fails…then i feel a little bad…then I laugh a little more. His rep over the years seems to be catching up with him. But its amazing how now he’s a instant Rump roast in the comment section :rofl::man_facepalming:

smh mans get no love lol y’all too savage

Wish him all the worst (about the job only). Unhappy bday R :poop: nnie.

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Ronnie is in such an awkward position. So many of 2K’s faults are that they put money over all and he basically just plays the fall guy for everything. Imagine being a professional blame-taker. It’d probably turn anybody into a dickhead tbh. I don’t feel bad for him because he’s very paid and well connected, but I definitely see both sides of the equation.



Those same ppl who roast him are the same people who would be star struck if they ever ran into him



Pink slip a perfect gift for Ronnie

Notice he doesn’t even post or offer any card giveaways relating to myteam lol

2K probably doesnt care about myteam anymore or this game in general. We’d get almost daily locker codes and those were taken away. We got special vault cards, limited edition cards for logging in all week and even limited tto cards the first week and those are all gone. We took the bait and they left us hanging. We got Nash and that was it, Frye and that’s it and nothing after Doug West smh


Facts . I mean even last year there were those random cards would could get playing TTO end of year

Ronnie can go sleep on the corner for all I care

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Their Community care is so bad

F*ck Ronnie 2K


I’m not racist I just don’t like Ronnie 2k

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I swear ppl flag to troll lol

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