Ronnie Said Something “Big” Was Coming Before Friday…

So far, we haven’t seen it. Invincible Bosh and Invincible Butler do not count as “big” additions, as good as they Both are. I’m hoping something drops tomorrow that is impactful. Thoughts?

i don’t think it’ll have anything to do with the finals tho, he made that comment before game 6… i’m thinking they announce that next packs are coming and Cade is the headliner. similar to how they put out the tweet on Lamelo the day before.

Only thing “big” coming is 2k22. And that’s debatable.


Of course it’s Giannis it’ll be the final big fish card that’ll make them a shit ton of money before riding off to 2k22

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I still remember the ruby kat card…

You remember the kat locker code everyone was waiting on while ronnie and kat was have a candle light dinner for hours. :joy:

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He miss spelt. It’s Spacejam animated characters and we are getting a porky pig card


I swear we always get a pg 99 everything giannis then the next game drops lmao

Ronnie solidified his groupie status that night

I love how they said only 5 G.O.A.T cards will be released in the blog. So most likely you would think Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Kareem, Magic

But 2K will drop a PG Giannis instead

How is Giannis a GOAT? :joy: Classic money hungry 2K man.

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