Ronnie just tweeted about the Draft Lottery

Closest thing to a hint all day!

This doesn’t mean shit


You’ll never get a code from Ronnie before the next game. Stop this nonsense

It’s the only tweet about the draft so far from 2K though. Shows they’re paying attention so there’s still some hope for a free code today.

A code for what though? I do not believe any of us are expecting a code.

Didn’t they give a free locker code away last year during the Draft Lottery?

Didn’t they give pd Kevin love last year for Valentine’s Day and we didn’t get nothing this year…

Interesting, who was it for?

PD Ewing last year…

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I thought they gave Pd Kevin Love for Valentine’s Day

KLove was valentine’s day

The will release a locker code on the actual draft

That was last year. What have they done this year that’s even comparable? This game is dead

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They gave away the PD Lonzo during the NCAA Tournament again like last year.

Don’t matter that’s probably gonna be our only pd locker code…

Also it’s been 10 years since Rose was drafted.

Drose theory dead