Ronnie gifting people on twitter Diamond Melo

I guess they realized the game is dead and people lost interest too early this year, so they got desperate.
Not sure what that guy got, either PD Magic or PD Nate Thurmond

Check the guys account it says he posted the pink diamond magic

And wtf 2k should give everyone a random pack and you get a random amythest or above that came out so far

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EA does that couple times a season in FIFA Ultimate team. You get an untradeable pack with a chance at a TOTW. That is fair

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You know it’s a sad world when EA is a better company than 2K. EA went from being the most hated to the 2nd most hated, props!

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very well put. I switched from FUT this year (still got the game and play it every now and then) to 2K18, but it’s looking like I’ll be back to FIFA next year and maybe pickup 2k19 when it’s free in the PS store