Ronnie 2k= No quick draw (Ronnie Celeb Game Thread)

Ronnie 2k= No quick draw (Ronnie Celeb Game Thread)

That looks like Dinwiddie circa 2k18


Release 1: Richard Jefferson

Release 2: Chest pass


Pretty sure he traveled there.

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WTF Bronze Card Ronnie Lagging

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That gather shit with his feet is so terrible lol

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Watch this dude play basketball IS YIKES

Let me get that Ronnie opal.

Ronnie actually has 6 points and has somehow managed to not do something completely boneheaded… yet. I want him to trip or something so bad.

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When the game start?

I wish J Cole would stop being so introverted and join the celeb game


He’s been in it before

Ik but that was years ago when he was a rookie

It would of been perfect for promoting the puma deal he just signed

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Another Cole fan? I love to see it

Hof consistent and relentless finisher

Bruh I was following him since right before the warm up when he got signed off lights please

Admittedly throughout the years I’ve fallen back from following him as close as I used to but that run from 08-13 is my favorite by far I remember telling everyone he would blow up and him even talking about it and everyone just rolling their eyes at me and years later they’re jamming his songs

I would love to see Cole hoop on these fools

Yea I feel that we from the same area he shouts us out a lot in his earlier music so as you would think he’s my favorite artist

J. Cole could play in the G League easily. That’s not even fair for the celeb game.