Rockets small ball

Rockets small ball

I’m watching the Rockets on TNT and they have a 6’5 playing center, it may work with teams like the Warriors but will it work against the Jazz and the Lakers? It’s a entertaining thing to watch cause everyone can shoot 3s, is this why they traded Clint?

When the rockets played the lakers after the trade, Howard and McGee played like 6 minutes each.

It’s an interesting tactic.

Yeah, it appears that was their plan. Come playoffs it’s going to be a lot of pounding on poor lil’ PJ.


It might work. This is the Rockets management’s last gambit. They’re capped out, married to two gigantic contracts, have a coach on an expiring contract, and losing valuable revenue from former sources.

They’ve gone all in. D’antoni and metrics gonna play it out for one last hurrah

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I doubt this will work in the playoffs.

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Risk and Rewards.

It just won’t last in the playoffs and once again they will fall but people will still find excuses each seasons to tell us Harden is amazing and so are Rockets

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It was also directly after the trade, which means zero scouting took place.

Not saying it won’t work against the lakers again but the next match up will be much more telling