Rockets and Cavs shamelessly run 5 why shouldn’t we?

Both use oversized point men in LBJ and Harden. Heck, even the Sixers and Bucks are starting to do this too.

Seeks like 2k is getting the meta right.

5 out is not smthg new, it was there in 2k17 was also hard to defend but it wasn’t almost impossible. It took skill to do that, now skill only is not enough and there are many reasons like overpowered cards, unbalanced defense etc…
“We’ll focus on defense in 2k19” is a confession about how bad the mechanics of this mode was.

Except harden isn’t windmill dunking over 3 defenders and the Cavs aren’t shooting 16/17 from 3 in the first half like on this game


Exactly. And even the Rockets bricked everything in Q3 of game7.
5 out is in real life but the broken mechanics of this mode make it impossible to stop.

Yeah, shooting over 40% with anyone besides curry is unrealistic.

In the finals you coud see bad shots, missing dunks/layups, you name it.
Here if you miss open shot, game is broken.

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Kids basketball is 5 out when they don’t have any plays and one guy is better than others. I see it all the time. But they can’t shoot threes either so it’s okay. Grown men 5 outing is just boring to watch.

I don’t have an issue with 5 out. I have an issue when we shout 90 percent from three for the game. Not realistic.

Lets be honest. 5 out is run by people who have little to no basketball IQ. There certainly are some people who are good at it, but the majority of 5 out abusers run it because they lack fundamental basketball skills/IQ. They don’t know how to properly run a pick and roll, properly work the post, properly run plays, create space from dribble moves, etc. 5 out is a joke


I think in normal game modes its a lot more realistic. Everyone has juiced stats in MT, so 3’s are a lot more makeable

The “5 out” in the nba isn’t 4 guys standing around 2 at each corner and 2 at each wing while the ball handler zig zags back and forth until input lag get the defender out of position. Rockets play iso ball a lot but again not the same as 5 out there is a lot of off ball screens and action going on that is why guys like cp3 and harden were both able to get so many assists.

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In basketball you would help off on a drive and rotate to contest shots. It’s impossible to do on this game. If you is to choose you’ll give up the uncontested three as opposed to an open layup, because people are more likely to miss threes than they are layups.

Well, absolutely not. Rockets 5 out is exactly 2K 5 out, Harden forces a switch on the weakest defender and goes to work while his team mates stand still waiting for a kick. Difference is they don’t shoot over 70% from 3 and Harden can’t posterize a help defender.

Look, I agree with OP that 5 out is actually a thing in the NBA. And there’s also a point that the best way to defend it is to sag off the worst shooters on offense, but in 2k, everyone has 90+ 3 ball. If users were able to actually run a realistic defense to counter the 5 out, I don’t think it’s considered cheese. It’s only cheesy in 2k because the AI on defense is terrible and either allows wide open corner 3’s or doesn’t help at all after a blow by. So in this one particular situation, it’s a 2k gameplay problem as opposed to the community. I usually think the community is to blame on most issues, but not this one.

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