Robby gone!


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1410 miles away.

Did you set your fucking tinder to “entirety of North America”


What the f does Robby do for 2k community this year?

Jack shit

@ItsShake4ndbake In light of all of this, this is your time to shine. I can’t think of a better person to lead the MyTEAM community to new heights. I believe you’re the man for the job and have been for a while. Not saying it to kiss your ass or anything, just simple facts. I really hope they hire you man, you deserve it.


@TeeJay Im about to unlist every thread about him. Hes gone its over. I come here to escape the bullshit. Shit makes my stomach hurt.

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Lmao! She goes back and forth from Miami to Colombia. Im just glad she an actual person :joy::joy::joy:

Damn… if 2k drops Ronnie, I would come back to next year’s game for sure. Robbie was always bad for this community. They need to get some people in there that actually care.

It’s possible!!

The whole Pokemon aspect of this is pretty sick. I know I grew up on it. My young niece loves Pokemon and is on youtube watching videos about it and other kid related stuff. Then then are adult dudes trying to use it as a tool to get close to kids. Just a reminder you always have to be watching for these creeps.


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Alright if 2KGamer wants to ban me I’ll be okay with it. Going to stop the jokes about Robby bc hes having a bad day and bc i need to be respectful. Ik hes got mental health and depression issues so im done

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I’m notsaying i’m backing him up but its sad how things he did 5 years ago (Which were sick and not right) caught up with him and ruined his dream because he once said that working at 2k is his lifetime dream

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Right no point of keep talkin bout this man. He’s a creep. Let’s move on with our lives here people. Debating whether he’s gonna commit suicide isn’t our business

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There’s no statute of limitations on consequences.

If I curb stomped a dude in 2011, became mayor in 2020 and the guy comes forward, I’m boned.

There’s always a check waiting to be cashed. It’s about the when, not the if.


ik i was just saying how it was sad he ruined his own dream

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Best thing is to move on from our lives and to not discuss this matter anymore.

now we want shake to be his replacement


I disagree, Sometimes you need to discuss the tough topics to make sure they dont KEEP happening.



Dude was a complete lame .