Road to Manu

Alright so I have been tirelessly working and playing RDR2 the past couple weeks. I decided im gonna give Manu a try. I have a ton of MT and literally sold all my players. I think this is the team I want to go with based on the new content. I know Klay might not be a good investment but I plan on keeping him until his PD drops since Kawhi wont have 3pt plays.

This is my lineup with my reward players only essentially.

this would be my new lineup for manu with lavine being ruby

looks like it will cost about 300-350 k depending on klay

any better suggestions ? other than klay and the new moments


If you liked Granger last year… He’s even better this year!

I still use my Kiki with red Kyrie’s

And Oscar is a bully you’ll have a hard time guarding him in the paint unless you have him or maybe Charlie Scott

DeAndre gets a lot of hate, but he’s a cheaper option than Dikembe

I was thinking about Deandre, I wish he was as good as his amy from last year. Mutombo can score in the post with badging which is a huge advantage when playing AK at the 4.

I havent played in weeks, do you guys know an estimate of the pricing on

D Klay
A Mutombo
A Foxxx
R Lavine

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As of about 8hrs ago:

Klay = 300+
Dikembe = 40-50
Fox = 30
LaVine = 13-15

Fox will get cooked with that 46 strength.

There’s only 5 Klays in the PS4 AH. His price is going to be even more ridiculous soon.

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Can you believe I saw a klay go for over 400k earlier?! As well as an Iverson for 280k. Sheeeesh

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I have a Klay w moving 3 diamond shoe and diamond contract, badged out just waiting to sell until the right time lol

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I wish i stacked up on klays when he was goimg for 180k during the crash

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The move on the hot moments cards is to buy late night the last day they are in packs. Will be loading up on LeBron’s etc. And selling Saturday before tourney.

Should be easy MT.

Seems like market prices in general went up, even Iggys sell for like 130k ish (with extras) and etc. I think Blake could go back to 200k np once his outta packs.

There’s better options you could have instead of 79 ball control LaVine. Eddie Jones is better in every aspect except dunking.