Road to Kirk Hinrich / Zach Randolph / Dion Waiters

They updated the TT Offline board and the player rewards are now Kirk Hinrich & Zach Randolph. Hopefully everyone gets lucky enough to pull these players!

Offline Games played: 15
Vault Opened: 8 (53.3%)

Of the 5:
1x Diamond Consumable (12.5%)
3x 1,500 MT (37.5%)
4x 1 Token (50%)

Online Games Played: 130
Dion Seen: 1


Got Hinrich on first vault…Dude is 6’4 with insane defence with pretty much all defensive badges,gold dimer and fire release with great 3pt rating…Only downside is lack of dunking,81 driving layup and 39 strenght…Looks like free taller amethyst cp3(without hof dimer and floor general) with better release!!


Oh and he has his signature glasses in game😂


He’s just pullable in the vault?

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goal is to get the ruby dion from Online and head right to offline with dion and kareem



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just got hit with an error on TTOnline

Which game on the ladder?

Vault rewards

Bye bye draymond!!! I MUST have this DIAMOND Zbo!!! I am a happy camper. I’ve never gotten anything from the vault. I will gladly play the remaining 800 games now.

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TT Online gives Dion?

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yea a ruby evo

Thanks. I’ll try for him too.

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Just got Kirk on my first vault opening.Z-bo next

I think Dion Is going to be a limitare time event Just like frye

So it’s not confirmed that he’s up?

two bro’s gaming tweeted that zbo and kirk on offline and there’s something online which i’m guessing is waiters

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Has anyone seen Dion?

nope, not once

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