Road To GOAT Curry

My goal is to grind until about 2:00 AM EST (the next day now :weary:) and get GOAT Curry (which sounds delicious by the way).

Those of you using Quick Thru STS and no fouls will probably finish before me. I get super bored with that method.

My current lineup I’m using (hoping to pick up another high-dollar card if prices crash enough today):

1 Down 29 to Go!!


Bucks - All Opal Starting 5 led by Giannis presented a 1st half challenge. Was only up 37-36 at the half, but blew them out 60-20 in the 2nd.

2 Down 28 to Go!

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How long these take to do?

About 30 min. each, but if you use Quick Thru STS and no fouls you could probably finish it in 20-25 min.

Pacers were better than expected. Mel Daniels was very impressive in the loss (20 pts 7 reb). I’ve owned him for months and never used him once. Should give him a chance!

3 Down 27 to Go…

So in all that like 4 to 5 hours grind

No - more like 15 hours to grind (for me). 30 games times 1/2 hour per. Fastest I could see someone doing it would be 10-12 hours.

Cavs on HOF level were decent. New LeBron Prime was pretty terrible (9 pts. 2-7 FG 4 TO)

4 down, 26 to go. Next up will be Bulls on HOF…

Wow, I really don’t feel up to 15 hours. I didnt every challenge for kobe, larry ,kobe highlights and all domination ganes and now this for curry.

Bulls presented the toughest test so far, but not that tough. GOAT Jordan held to 6 points. Rose and Artis Gilmore were solid though.

Adding Rip to my squad for the next set of games. Think I’ll move onto Pacific Division next. Curious to see if I’ll need Quick Thru against the All-Time Lakers.

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Suns - Easiest game so far:

6 Down 24 to Go…


are you doing all 30 straight :joy::joy:


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how you taking on this grind? i might do one division a day

I’m not sure yet , if wife works tonight I’ll grind from 6pm till 1 when I go to sleep


i’m glad this grind is less than bird, but the opals other than the goat card aren’t as enticing for me.

i find mchale, gasol and pierce serviceable, but can’t see that in these new cards

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Im going for Curry. Ima start tonight


Lol for real? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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first of all, nice profile pic.

second of all, i’m doing the same. it’s definitely not going to take long


Do you sir!

Be a fun free card to use

I can’t wait to try him out myself