Road To Cliff Hagan

I’ve been grinding to get this card, but no luck so far. Trying to get Hagan before the 24th because that extra card will help in the higher collector levels.

Wins: 159
Chances at the Vault: 28 (18%)

13x 500 MT
5x 100 MT
5x Standard League Pack
2x 5 Tokens
2x 10 Tokens
1x 1000 MT

Hopefully, Hagan comes sooner rather than later because I wasn’t expecting 75+ games of TTOffline for this card


Shit you’re doing good lol

I’m at win 67 with no Hagan. Brutal considering I’ve seen people getting him within the first ten games.

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Took me 174 wins to snag him, don’t give up!

165 no Hagan

Been grinding for him lol

Yeah… I’ve seen people on Twitter have to discard him because they pull a duplicate

I won’t! Hopefully it doesn’t take me that many games though haha

Eesh… They need to either take 100 MT out of the vault or make the vault happen every game. It really sucks opening that vault and getting only 100 MT

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I pulled him twice. Once at 9 games and the other at 47. Kinda feel bad now to know that people have played over 100 without getting him. Down side is literally every other vault open has been 500 mt. No tokens or packs and I’m at 104 games

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Agreed. The vault is barely opening for me at the moment but when it has its been 500mt…


Hes kind of shit anyways tbh

He’s actually a great card in comparison to what’s available right now. Can do everything. Doesn’t really have a weak spot

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Wish I had your luck lol. That’s crazy. Congrats though!

I’ve heard he’s pretty solid. Plus, really only want him for the collector level.

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210…no diamond glows



I keep getting 500mt everytime I open it.

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He’s okay on defense? Lack of gold clamps made him an instant pass for me unfortunately.

More than okay. He’s pretty great there. But I’m also not as obsessed with that badge as some people lol my starting lineup is

MRR, Hagan, Bird, Amy Miles, Amy Frye

And off the top of my head MRR is the only one of them with that badge and I do just fine on defense. Cliffs real strength though is that he can do everything on offense and play any role you want him to there.


52 wins, no tokens, only mt so far and nondiamind

121 wins and no Cliff Hagan

Lol just got him at 29 wins…

At 67, opened the vault probably 10-15 times got two packs and the rest mt