Rising stars game thread

Let’s see whose card we getting tonight

Rooting for Simmons or Tatum.

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U S team unfair

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That montage reminded me of when kyrie made brandon knight his child




1 of those 3 guy and im good

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Usually when a player is in both rising stars game and all Star game they barely play in the rising stars game so I wouldn’t get too excited about a possible Simmons card. Hope I’m wrong though!

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Hopefully Kurucs will be the Mvp.


I think this will happen. PD Kurucs.

Simmons Pd 50 open 3.


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Lmao its already ass


Ben better shoot a damn 3

PD knox sounds broken

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Guys i bet $250 on team USA lol

This is a joke.

places PD Kuzma on AH

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USA! USA! USA! @DaNali

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When I was a kid this games were more competitive… not to mention the regular AS game.

welp looks like another kuzma

No look Luka

Kuuz luka or ben gunning early for that mvp

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