Rip to the casuals who jack threes

Three games last night I ran into people back to back who obviously are having a very hard time with the update
5-21, 7-37, 6-45
I’m just counting down the days till 2k goes back


You’d think they would adapt after shooting so many bricks :joy:

They make something for sure. MyPark is broken, cannot enter to Ante-up or Daily Spin. Aaaaand, too many people doesn’t make a shot.

It’s just satisfying to see this happen, you would think people would adapt but after playing that way for months it has to make them wanna quit the game all together



Like this?


Best patch to ever come out lol


Brick brick brick

Defense Wins :innocent:

Imma change my team’s name to Lil Bricky after I get home.

I love this patch. Still averaging 8-10 threes a game while my “meta” SF base 11 spam 3 pointers opponent shoots 3-24 lolol


I just wanna know how a casual feels not being able to hit anything
Like are they like 2k is robbing me

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I havent used a base 11 guy once. The shoot over you crowd wont adjust before the cycle over. You shouldve spent that time running and learning a real offense.

Imo still the best release in the game but now that you can’t shoot over ppl it’s amazing

Its funny to watch them start to panic a few minutes into the game and by half time there down big or have quit lol

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Lol it’s actually crazy how different the game is with one change. Honestly think they might’ve buffed shot contest too much. Sometimes I get yellows when dude isn’t even close to me

Oh no I agree they went overboard with it but I feel like they can’t make a huge change to the game like this so it’s either all the way or what it was

What was the update? From what I’m reading this is a good thing. I never was a 3 jacker I play smart ball only taking good shots so I’m already adapted :joy:


Honestly I think a lot of casual people don’t even realize there is a patch. Some people don’t play with shot feedback: they think they Were just missing


I don’t play my team but I play a lot of My League Online. The patch doesn’t bother me at all since the only time I’d shoot even lightly contested on purpose would be if the shot clock is winding down. But what I’ve noticed that drives me mad is it seems equalizer/momentum/scripting whatever you call it has been turned ALLLLLL the way up. And that drives me crazy. Anyone else experience this?