RIP Pink diamond KD

He just sold for 200k, unreal…

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That’s what he’s been seeking for. I’ve seen him at 170k

On ps4 I forgot that part, mine sold last night for 276k


I remember when he came out and was over a million.

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Also, this just happened and I just missed him cause my power went out…

That’s crazy, the card is deadly.

Wow on ps4?

He’s shot right back up to 267k bid allready, this shit is strange guys.


Yeah I could have got him for 150 like 2 nights ago. I just didn’t want him.

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Uh… why? I pulled him the other night, and it’s like cheating with this card. He’s unreal.

I had the 96 KD and I thought he was good, but I didn’t like him better than Kawhi or Bron. Is the PD really that much better? @ProjectMayhem I struggle with KDs release

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I have the 98 locked can’t do it but man I want him

He still going for 200k?

At any given time, there could be a card that goes for under “going rate” just as a sort of outlier confluence of people missing the boat. I bought last night for just under 240K. Lost bids in the 240’s and saw some closing in the 250’s.

Maybe he’s gone down further.

If you can afford him, I think PD KD is a no-brainer. And worth, what…twice the price of 96 KD?

It’s a comprehensive upgrade between the two:

  • The defensive upgrade is significant, close to dramatic. 5-7 point bumps to DIQ and Consistency. +12 to Block. +7 to Steal. D-Stopper goes to HoF.
  • +15 to Strength and +12 to Vert are important and significant bumps.
  • Then mostly marginal, but nice bumps across the board. +15 Standing Dunk to 85.
  • And conversion to HoF on Posterizer and One Man Fast Break and P&Popper are all nice.

What in tarnation…


I have the 98 locked too and just got PD Durant the other day. Totally worth it. It’s near the end of the year so if there’s someone you want to try, go for it! Worst case scenario you don’t think he’s worth the upgrade and you lose the tax which isn’t much.

What’s your GT? I think I might know you lol

Probably not its kindcalf2017873