Rip pd jr

Lol glad I ain’t grind for him 2k is notorious for making better versions or just as good versions of reward players… real kick in the face if ur a die hard collector lol … diamond jr welcome home fam :sob::sob::sob::joy:

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he doesn’t have high steal, you can’t even offball with him.

Ain’t nobody grindin for JR. It’s about Giannis, JR is just icing


Who cares bout offball lol


The PD is much better defensively, but the diamond is basically identical on offense.


Ill check the stats when I get back home maybe I was too hard on these cards.

Defense is a joke in 2k let’s b real lol


Should i pick jr up and replace dr j on bench

I disagree defense wins games over here


I would

Agree to disagree bro

That JR ain’t nun but a Unlimited Roy the PD is Unlimited Roy mixed with PD MJ without hof d stopper


Still some very noticeable upgrades with the PD

Don’t get me wrong pd good, but diamond close enough 4 real ballerz

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Jr is a must have

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Diamond doesn’t even have difficult shots on gold. How is it RIP PD JR when it’s considerably better lol


PD JR is better in every category including offense. Big overstatement

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K thanx 4 ur input still say diamond close enough…SUE ME

Diamond JR? I haven’t seen a tweet yet

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I’m stating facts based on a head to head comparison. The defensive numbers, passing and post fade are miles apart. He’s a good budget option though