Rip Kobe bean bryant

Kobe Bryant we miss you and I feel so bad about that helicopter and we all miss you and you are so powerful as a rock some people don’t like you because some people are talking trash why don’t you forget it about them Black Mamba go out there and be yourself because we call you the black mamba because you are the bad mama and no one cake guard the Mamba maternity Shaquille O’Neal I was crying so hard that he can wipe your tears off so is Michael Jordan LeBron James and this what you said Mamba out you’ll be tired at age 38 your last game was Jazz vs. Lakers I love can you play you and you stand right beside me no matter where I go I’m not I want when I go to Florida do you still going to right beslide but everybody forgot but I bet if you talk trash about him is going to be over that’s what I do want to be like him and then some people don’t care do a goddamn you good out there thats why you the Black Mamba :purple_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart: