Rile Up TIME! Bron/Kobe/KD vs MJ/Magic/Bird who you got?!?!

Time to rile you old heads and young bulls up!

In a 3v3 who you got, consider all of them in their prime.

Jordan vs Kobe
Magic vs Lebron
Bird vs KD


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Larry MJ Magic all day, Lebron and KD are **********. Bird and MJ would bully them all day long


The team without Kobe. He doesn’t really belong with the rest.

Is 70% of team A’s shots gonna be Kobe mid fades? I’m going with the old school dream team. The ball movement would be much better on that team


Who’s checking who? That’s the real question.

Bird gotta be on Kobe, Magic I think gotta guard KD and MJ got to guard the self-proclaimed GOAT Lebron.

On the other side, KD gotta guard Bird, Lebron gotta guard magic, and Kobe gets the honors to guard MJ.

I’m kicking Kobe off the team for Anthony Davis and Lebron squad by 12.

That’s not the posed question carlo

Then were losing because of Kobe

Stop it Lebron ain’t getting bullied by anyone and besides in the media I’ve never seen KD get bullied on the court


I’m a huge magic fan, but 3v3 is mostly iso and Magic couldn’t d up any one on the other team and he’s not a great iso scorer


So y’all didnt see Kobe and Bron work together in the USA games

Jordan vs Kobe
Magic vs Lebron
Bird vs KD

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That 5 on 5 not 3 on 3 that likely ends at 21 or a certain score

Bruh Kobe would pass the ball stop that

His career doesn’t stack up to the others.

Not even close.

Magic looks like the weakest link here. Whoever he guards should go to work.

I’m going with Team A.

Give Lebron a big man that can shoot and Kd. That unstoppable. Kd a better shooter and a better iso player than Kobe Bryant because of height. Pure domination

Not with kd?

Jordan’s match up against Kobe would be the deciding factor. I think Magic vs Lebron and Bird vs KD are washes