Rik smits

Is the mvp


Not gonna argue w u 1 bit. :joy::joy::joy:

I randomly got him very cheap on bid when I first unlocked the AH, and then sold him last night because I’d gotten those Bill Cartwright and Shaq.

But Smits is a blocking menace like those two are not. Curious what he gets as boosts from the duo with Mark Jackson.

I am surprised about 2kdb. I usually count on it to figure out the duos and follow the agendas but it has nothing on this yet. I wonder what is going on? Hopefully if the person running it is getting burnt out someone else takes over. That has been one of the best sources for new cards and dynamic duos, etc… last year.

It’s possible that the game files on PC don’t have the duos programmed in them unless you actually have the duo? Don’t remember how they did it before, but maybe 2K changed the way the files/database works, and/or they 2KDB was doing it manually?


clutch time offline goat. helped me get drose :rose:

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