Ricky Rubio is GOD

Just got dropped the fuck off by a Ricky Rubio that came out of tip off hot with all shooting badges. How the fuck was he hot at tip I need answers because he bricked like 2 threes and canned like 8-9

Someone translate this for me please.

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Was your squad much better than the opponent

Hey Siri, what is he saying?

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Cause of so you sir have been equalized and your prize is a big fat L from 2k

Congrats you were put into a game that you lost from the very beginning

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Ricky Rubio was hot as soon as tip off occurred. He dropped 9 of 11 three pointers.

He was hot as soon as his team got control of tip off, I need to know how?

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EQ was that mans best friend.

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Uses Sapphire Ricky Rubio. Is surprised he can’t miss 3s.

EQ City. Please keep your EQ exploits to yourself.


He has the Wildcard badge. With this badge you can start hot or you could start off cold.

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@discobot fortune

Is he on some shit?

:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again

“It’s like a G-Dogg on a fly tip flossin’ with the posse, cuttin’ in the crib… WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?“

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Don’t feel bad OP, I just played a game that I can’t even describe how bad I was getting screwed. I knew I had lost when lebron won the opening tip off.

I said the same thing in another thread like last week! :joy::joy::joy:

Vic Damone. Junior.

It was too fitting both times

Took a few stupid shots towards the end to test but when I saw this so I through sapphire Simmons into the lineup and this happens…

wait what i dont understand

My centres grabbed every rebound, at the half I was shooting 60-70 percent. I played sapphire Simmons as my bench PG and the whole team wouldn’t miss

You got 55 boards Damn GG