Rex Chapman w/ Defense Shoe

If you have a defense shoe on PS4, please post which attributes and how much you would want for it. Looking to buy cheesy rex with Hof badges and 345 more attributes.

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Jealous lol. Im broke right now, but would love Rex with a D shoe

I can probably do that… which shoe you want? I have all the Jordan defense shoes, I think.

I just lost 28 k on penny and like 15 on Klay lol!

Air Jordan XXXI

+9 Contested Mid

+9 Off-Dribble Mid

+9 Off-Dribble 3

+9 Shot Contest

+9 Steal

Jordan Super.Fly 5

+9 Hands

+9 Hustle

+9 Lateral Quickness

+9 Pass Perception

+9 Pick and Roll Defensive IQ


+9 Passing Accuracy

+9 Lateral Quickness

+9 Pass Perception

+9 Shot Contest

+9 Steal

I would be willing to part with the black/blue/white Super Fly 5s or the white/blue/red XXXIs, but I don’t think I could get rid of the rest of my shoes lol.

The Nike is the best fit I think, how much would u want for the other ones. I just want one pair btw

I have a pair of the Air Jordan’s on ps4, let me know what you want to pay.