Rewards: GO Ben Simmons Price Hike (PS4)

If your sitting on one

the price is rising


Yup knew this would happen. I locked day 1. Wish I could pull a Luka though.

People locking him in and removing him from the pool. Could hit 1 Million.

I’m sitting on 2 Lukas if he goes to a milli I might sell them both. If he goes for a little less might lock Ben. Kinda stuck on what to do with this being the rest of my lineup.

Ben would be game changing on your squad tbh

I agree it’s just the only two other pieces I would use are already in my lineup in Ayton and Luka. Luka is there because he’s one of my favorites and I would probably rather have him at SG than PG. I would move on from either Melo or Tmac if I got Ben and those cards aren’t bad but are locked. If I sold the second Luka after a rise in price I could probably get Kareem and another Opal while dropping Ayton. Ayton is amazing but sellable along with Amare who I really enjoy using but is probably close to next to go.

Man I was thinking about Coppin one last night bruh I knew he’d rise

Man sell Luka and get the Opal Admiral

  1. Sell a Luka
  2. Lock Ben
  3. Pick up KAJ/DRob
  4. Destroy kids

Im running Ben PG KD DRob Kareem, lots of fun

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I think this is the move if the second Luka is worth enough to do it. I’d go KAJ and probably force one of my bench bigs out( probably Amare). I’m staying away from Robinson for the moment @OGxSuave because the diamond does work for me and I’d rather add a new body than just upgrade one.

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DRobs cheap and only going lower tho. Hes pretty much flawlese too.

Yea honestly you can’t go wrong with either. If you lock you’ll have an endgame PG for sure. If you sell you’ll have enough MT to buy probably 3 new GOs in the coming weeks. Just a matter of preference really

I would lock one–Simmons is worth it in my opinion. Totally unique and fun card.

Then sell the other when he gets to around 1 million–at this stage, with most other opals dropping in price, you could pick up 3 for the price of that Luka card (and you still have Luka on your squad since you will have locked one for Ben).

Anyone got a general idea what trae, lonzo, fox and the Diamonds go for all together?

Dont lock in remember when cowens dropped and you had karl :eye:

Name another player besides Giannis that will be comparable to Ben

Go siakam for MIP

Magic , MVP Giannis

You can probably get them for 300k

Shit im just saying when he locked malone he said he couldve got more players but he lock d malone and couldnt or something