Reward Stupidity

So is Larry Johnson really one of the month reward cards? Are you guys not tired of seeing that card? Personally I hate him lmao

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Is this disappointment in me? Or Larry Johnson lol say something

Yeah he’s gonna be underwhelming for sure. There are already so many good power forwards out now, and it’ll be even more by time December rolls around.

He won’t be in my lineup. He’s a poor mans PD Blake

He will be a great SF 3&D player. dont sell him short

He’s a SF?

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Melos replacement. Off the bench

He’s PF/SF

I’m all about Grand mama

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Basically a PF

He’s undersized so he can pass as SF

He’s free why complain

But will he have 86 ball control? Probably not so he won’t be my SF

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Manu/Issel/Finley have been all solid so far, allowed me to sell pretty much everything and keep current.

He won’t have 86 BC but do you really speedboost with your 3 if the ball is in the PGs hand most of the time?

This. And i bet he will have AT LEAST 78 BC meaning with shoe and coach he will be able to

Just saying hes gonna be very good

He’ll probably get stripped running the P&F lol