Reward Players (Opal Market/Collector Level)





Thank you for posting all these

Grant Hill looks like an animal

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Even with the height advantage, Penny is looking like the weakest stats choice in my opinion. Stats wise at least (lower lateral quickness than DRob)

Okay this is better. Penny 90 3 ball and 77 lateral quickness is weird but for early Opals not bad.

Why’d they do penny like that

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Telling you guys, Grant Hill looks amazing especially if he can play the 2 ( I don’t know lol )

Hill and DRob are definitely looking more dangerous than Penny.

Liking D-Rob, but I doubt I’ll make it that high before they add more Opals especially considering we need to redeem 8 PDs this time around.

Don’t forget 12 amethysts.

Sabonis is up now too.

Loving the card rating meta I’m seeing thus far. Definitely an endgame but not a game breaking C/PF

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Until now…

Anthony Davis:

And then Wade:

It pains me that I will never have this.

Although 2k gonna release one that’s 95% as good in August so I’ll get over it.

Oh Scottie what did they do to you?

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He doesn’t speed boost tho!! That’s all I can say about that… Woof

Damn they released Jalen roses stats and he has 80 ball control

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For a guy who occasionally played point guard and locked up Kobe on the regular: