Reviews on a few cards

i need a sg dirk review. is his release so bad that hes unuseable?? seems like a valuable asset off the bench with the pro dribbles and whatnot but if his 3 is horrendous maybe not worth grabbing.
draymond vs wes would be a good one for me to look in to. i have wes atm and have never had draymond
id also like a blake griffin review
if anyone can provide something for one of these three i would appreciate it. thanks

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Dirks release is a bit slow but very reliable and easy to green. If you wanna shoot 3s off the dribble it’s not the best option tho


Blake for me it’s the best PF in the game besides Giannis , his jumper is lights out , you can 5 out with him against a lot of bigs too .
He dunks on everyone it’s almost unfair the number of contact animations he gets .
He can rebound , it’s not like a crazy defender but at this stage is decent enough !
Draymond a perfect 3 and D player , lights out shooter and top notch defense


@VinnQuinn loves Blake. Both of y’all love him so I have to try him. Splash starts him at C but trex arms drive me crazy. Ima try him.

Dray vs Wes is simple. Dray is a non dribble god Wes with better defense and less finishing.


best shooting guard in the game

i thought it was klay but his jumper is literally dirk’s speed

wes > green at everything but wingspan which is a big deal imo

i think amare is a better blake depending on hihs jumpshot speed

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Ye I was both , Wes will do more

Rank these cards.

Luka Magic Klay.

from what i know

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Thanks then magic is my next project!


At SG I’m assuming. I was running with leap year tmac and he was a monster. But I realized I wasn’t using him enough to warrant 450k+ mt. I picked up opal Klay last night and he went 13/14. I heard ppl don’t like his card much this year but he’s a beast for me.

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Alright Ima try Dirk.

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Thank you man It is between him and magic.

I only got a few MT. Wes unseld can either play PG/SG

That’s true. I have Lebron at pg and Ben Wallace at sf. So for me I prefer klay over magic at the 2 guard since he shoots lights out and I have good defenders. He’s also a beast at D with 93 strength or something insane like that

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I only got 80K MT. I’m working my way to klay. hahaha

I tried ben but i can’t get his shot in MTU. So I Swap to Darius Miles.

Personally I like Draymond about as much as Wes. I find him a little more nimbly and point guard-y, but Wes has a lot more versatility. Draymond really moves like a guard, though. I’d probably edge Draymond at the 1 and haaaard edge Wes at the 2 over Draymond at the 4.

Blake is very good. He’s big enough to play the 4, he’s solid defensively, solid rebounder, monster finisher, and I personally like his release. I’d put him right near the top if you like finishing over cheesing 3s and you don’t really love dribbling with your 4 (not that he’s a weak dribbler, but he isn’t Bol Bol). An elite 4 for sure.

draymond has way better defense due to wingspan alone than wes

wow yall werent kidding about this dirk huh :eyes::eyes:

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Ah ben has a sweet, sweet release if you get it down. He just can’t do moving 3s as consistently but with the right coach and shoe he gets a 99 three ball which is insane. plus I always make him guard their primary ball handler. Another card that plays way above their stats and tier is PD Iggy. Not sure if you’ve tried him yet, but he’s a beast! amazing defender, great shooter and dunks like a part of the leap year set. That’s who I use off the bench.

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shhhh…let’s keep him at this price

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