Return Of Heroes Challenges

WTF this is crazy!

I’m stuck on He Don’t Miss and My Team Heroes Showdown.

He Don’t Miss - I had to play this one about 7 or 8 times now and I keep missing on the 7th shot.

My Team Heroes Showdown is tough in that you have to use all Sapphires in your lineup and I’ve played this one about a dozen times and still can’t get past it.

For the sapphires challenge you just run all shooters and 5 out pick and roll spam. Once you get around the pick, you can pass it to the center, finish with the pg, or hit the corner when they start bringing help. They literally can not defend it without giving up one of those. As long as you can knockdown your shots it’s pretty easy

Yeah I’ve done that and still can’t get past them.

14 games to go. Why TF did I decide to put the hours into 30 full length games for Embiid!!! Played 11 today for Ingram!!!


You gone lost your mind bro.


Yep. Might just do 2 a day over next week. Back 2 work tomorrow. Might knock 5 out Friday on my 24 hour break as well. Should be done by Monday even between my night shifts…lol. Not rich enough for Wilt. Maybe if I sold my Tacko, Bol Bol my 500k I’m sitting on and sell other cards…maybe…

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Stoppen after trying multiple times for the mullin challenge. That one is impossible for me.

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What system?


What’s your usual lineup? It’s doable with anyone with a fast jump shot that can handle the ball. Even easier if you have Luka.

I am a card collector, i am 60 down of invincible Dirk. So have plenty of cards. Sadly i don’t have DM Luka. I have invincible curry for exemple. Don’t know if there are comparables like Luka

Honestly you can do it with anybody that has a quick jumper. My trick is to just run to the wing 3 point line, flick dribble stick to the off hand and shoot. Shakes the defender off enough to shoot an open.

I’m about to go to bed. Have to be up at 4am for work (Australia here). But if you’re interested and can trust me, I could do it tomorrow evening for you when I get home? I’m gone from 4am til 6.30pm, lots of driving. @ACMRmuki and @BigDan8 will vouch for me I’m sure. If interested, PM me and I’ll get it done tomorrow for you. 7 threes isn’t it that one? I used Ray Allen reward and took me 3 attempts. Did Bol first shot as well.

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I forget which thread it was in, but I beat my head against this challenge literally dozens of times.

In the end, I did it with the Playoff Rewards Jordan Poole.

My main problem was that I was impulsive and it took me a long time to learn how to suppress the urge to shoot unless the situation was perfect. And the best and most consistent way to get perfectly wide open was to spam PnR and only shoot when getting defender caught up going under the screen.

Another key, I think, was making my shooter not the smallest guy on the court. Stay away from Hardaway, who is the DM reward from the latest Domination and juiced with HoF defensive badges.

The Richmond and Mullin in the challenge are not very good. From what I remember, they didn’t have any HoF badging and may not even have key defensive badges at Gold.

So you want to get all the PnR action between those two as defenders.

I think anyone who is patient can do it with almost anyone. I ended up deciding Poole was good because he has a quick shot that I was comfortable with and had a relatively low Shoot 3 Off Screen Tendency, and also has HoF Blinders and other useful shooting badges.

Did it with Petrovic, man i was happy i finally beat it! Next top the ingram and barret challenges i still need 3 to complete: cp3, Mitchell and Murray. Assuming these Will vanish next season, i give up.


No, lifelong, they’re there for good mate.

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