Retro Vol. 3


Damn, beat me to it :pensive::joy:

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It’s a tweet from 2015…


So we just never gonna finish idols? I’m sick of having this bum ass Yao collect dust in my collection


Another small PG for Magic and Luka to feast on. Keep em comin!

Was it liked recently by the 2k account?

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Don’t disrespect D Rose


Myteam just retweeted it

Which the MyTeam account just retweeted. Seems like there would be a purpose behind that

They did the same thing before Lonzo dropped

Great for people who decide not to go for John Wall.

I’m not. It’s Magic and Luka who are going to be disrespecting him

Most likely it is. But 2k likes to troll from time to time, so you never know. I don’t remember them retweeting tweets from years ago before, so I’m not sure what to expect.

Onyx? Why not the Ruby that we all need?

:disappointed: :pensive:

Onyx was Throwback theme back in the day iirc

so is this dm or galaxy opal :face_with_monocle:

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Man they better soup up Drose’s sigs. At least give him quick/shifty

So who we expecting