Resident Evil 3 just days away. Who's ready?

I thought only TLOU2 could pry me off 2k but I might have to grab this day 1. Looks crazy.

Confession: I played every Resident Evil and never beat a single one. I just end up stopping some how its weird.

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Got it pre-ordered. RE2 remake was amazing

Jill look different

You never beat a resident evil?
You’re not on my apocalypse team.


I’ll play it. Re2 remake was awesome. I still have to finish Doom Eternal as well and will def be hopping on the ff7 remake. Last of us 2 is def what I’m most hyped for though. Wanted to get the 2k platinum before all these came out but still have 170 cards to go.

This and FFVII will make me take a much needed break from 2k. There’s demos out for both, if you guys haven’t tried them.

I’d pick Yu-Gi-Oh Evolution rn before everyone has op cards

L’s in the chat.

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Replayed RE2 over the past week. Can’t wait

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Downloading now :cold_face:

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Did you try it?

Yeah Im watching my wife play on assisted mode lol

I’m grabbing this for sure

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They based Jill’s Face from this Model

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I ran from Nemesis like a little B.

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Im very interesting in Resident Evil 3 Resistance alone than story on game

Couple more hours!

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