Repost from r/NBA2k - Too good not to share!

Repost from r/NBA2k - Too good not to share!

Funny as fuck!

But damn man my pops Is in my life and that scene still gives me chills everytime

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I laughed at the subtitles, but then got flashbacks of seeing that scene when the episode first aired and crying my eyes out… and then going back to school the next day where everyone pretended they didn’t cry :joy:

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that started from the bottom now we here (with supposed Kirilenko/Granger/Hedo) video was 1000x funnier, wish someone could link that ish to me again i was dead.

the guy that makes these is the GOAT of that subreddit

i think you linked that video before, where i is it man ?

Powerful shit man

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ha, that’s not what i’m looking for but thanks. Was looking for that video where dude does hand shakes and hugs with 2k19 impersonations.

That was the scene, for me, where Uncle Phil transformed into Phil the Fucking Legend.


That’s the scene that made me love Will Smith, like alot.

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Yeah, Phil went from annoying but occasionally entertaining to the GOAT Dad on TV.

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Show of hands for anyone who sings the whole damn song every time it comes on. :point_up:

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thanks a lot.

No problem!

hah, it seems similar but not this one lol. This one seems like Carrier one, that one was with myteam stuff, Hedo, Kirilenko Veronica and etc.

Was it from that poster? I think I know which one you’re talking about…

not sure on the poster did not pay attention to that, but if you can find it that be amazing 3 thousand.