Reporting sub-glitchers

What’s been the resolution for people reporting sub-glitchers?

Did you guys get the W or points, and/or the MT/VC as compensation?

I’ve been getting glitched by “GoDdYbOyY” on PS4 for ~45 minutes now and and submitted a ticket with video clip.

I can keep waiting but obviously there is a better use of time.

I think you just get the satisfaction of knowing that due justice will be served which is worth it alone.

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Nah you just help out lazy 2k since they cant fix their problems

fair enough, that’s what I figured

See this is the reason I will never buy MT. You lose your ability to report these idiots.

never met a subglitcher probably a american pussy move thing.

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Well I’ve sold MT, but I’m getting glitched on my farm account where I haven’t done any transactions.

Regardless imo it’s worth it to report glitchers even if it means I get banned.

I’m cool with taking 2 weeks off 2k at this stage of the game

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You really love too run that cocksucker of yours smh, keyboard warrior

I usually get the win and 5k if i open a ticket with video proof.

Just speaking the truth though :face_with_raised_eyebrow: