Replacing gasol

Who should I replace Marc gasol with? The first game I played with him he finished with 9 rebounds then only gets 2.

2 games and you’re real to ditch him? Lol

What’s your lineup, and how much MT do you have?

Without this information, how could we possibly answer your question?

No my fault. I’ve used him for over 20 games. I meant that he only had one good game rebounding wise which was the first game.

I have 77k to work with and I just need a recommendation. I didn’t think people would read my whole lineup if I typed it out. But if it helps I have diamond Karl Malone at the 4

Amy Sabonis. He’s amazing at everything except perimeter D.

He’s my backup sorry. My lineup is
Pd lonzo
Ruby jr with a defensive diamond shoe
Diamond Ron artest
Daimknd malone
Center is blank for now
Daimknd Marcus smart for D
Amy Michael Jordan ruby klay(gonna replace him with dr. J)
Diamond mchale
Amy sabonis

I was thinking about starting sabonis