Renouncing my Pistons Fanship

Renouncing my Pistons Fanship

If the reports are true, we just traded Drummond for one of the most infamous ex-Pistons of all time, John Henson and a second round pick… I am truly disgusted and have been on the edge with this team for a while now. The addition of D. Rose was the only thing keeping my head high. If we were going to rebuild, why didn’t we get Picks??? Why!? What happened to the Gordon Hayward or Raptors trade rumors? Why would we trade him for literally nothing? We couldn’t get Love? Sexton? Or most importantly a Couple first rounds picks??? I’m done with this team. Maybe this will be beneficial 3 years from now but I just don’t see it.


As a cavs fan we thank your organization for taking our trade offer of the company printer


Why would Cleveland give up sexton lol?

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Come be a thunder fan. Lol

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I’m just happy he’s gone. Big fucking cry baby that thought he was something special. Enjoy the new contract Drummond. Whoever you play for will lose more than they will win.

Why would we give up a 18/16 Center for 2 players who average 5 ppg…


I’m happy he’s gone but I could tell he loved Detroit. Plus we should’ve gotten way more for him lets be honest. I thought Drummond and Snell for Hayward, Kanter and a 2nd was a good trade

They weren’t gonna keep him

Lmao yall couldve atleast got Tristan



This apparently the best we could get they said he had no value

He should’ve been an all star lowkey

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Fuck it I don’t wanna see D. Rose suffer like this, get him out of this HELL HOLE

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The Ed Monix/washing machine trade made more sense than this Pistons/Cavs trade.


Raps were never gunna get a non shooting big man

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He was essentially traded for nothing.

Sheesh… My Michigan fam gotta be pissed

exactly man i just dont understand

This should be a veto lmfo