Remove Equalizer

I was always skeptical about the existence of equalizer being in the game and used to write it off on different internet providers and so on. But it exists, I think I got hit with a proof.

Was 6-0 on MTU just before the Worthy update, decided to continue the run. Meet a guy running all Diamond and Amethyst cards including PD Wilt and PD PG13.

1st Half - Im down 16-38. I can’t count the amount of situations which are supposed to be
50/50 going my opponent’s way. GO Rose losing the ball 3 times while STANDING still and me holding L2. GO Tracy just out of nowhere walking right in to the backcourt while standing next to the 3pt line. Outrebounded offensively 7-1, his guys were literally flying from 3pt line to grab the offensive board. Dion Waiters posterizing GO Howard for 10 times in a row. It was absolutely crazy.

I was supposed to be mad, but all I was feeling was sadness. I knew that it’s definitely not a skill gap that’s causing this massive lead.

2nd half the equalizer toned down, still lost the game 63-68.

And then this happens! I meet the guy again right after our first game.

The game sets up on my home court now, my guys running more freely, I feel like there’s no interference of CPU helping him this time.
In 6 minutes of gameplay I was up 37-8. Not a single rim run worked for him now which was all he did in the first game. Guy gets angry and finally leaves. So that’s the story.

TL;DR - Meet a guy on MTU, got hit with the EQ the first game, lose it badly. Meet him in the second game right after, no EQ involved this time and the guy looks like he just started the game. All in all EQ sucks, helps bad players.


If they removed EQ their packs will be more popular as people chasing for better cards

Dude it’s happening to me like very damn game. I think we need to call more first quarter timeouts when we sense it. I call 0 timeouts


Happens to me all the time, even on Multis. After the game I’ll go smoke and just be like…

"That person was not better than me… So how TF did I lose…?’’ :unamused::unamused:


I was down 23 points to one dude and came back and won by 9. His best card was pd wilt. He sent me a nasty message, but it was too my Carsyn Cruz account haven’t read full thing yet.

I’ve noticed that the EQ tones down in the 2nd half, and especially in the 4th quarter.

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The EQ is designed to make the game closer based on match ups. Its complete shit when you see your opponent isn’t any good at this game and they can still have a chance to win. I notice when i win a bunch of games straight in TTO, it starts happening. I’ll have 2 or 3 games in a row of 2k letting some newb abuse me. So when EQ happens, my guys can become worse then bronze cards or just as good compared to a ruby team im playing.

The EQ: A Tale As Old As Time Itself

It exists. It’s irritating. And now that it’s Opal Season… BUCKLE UP!


A lot of what people consider EQ is just awful servers and connection. If i play at 6am it feels completely different than 10pm.

Happens every year when Opals drop, my theory is the amount of stats and badges break the game.


Nah. Somethings changed in the algorithm. The EQ exists in every single game in the first quarter now. My theory is that the game analyzes the user input (switching, icon passing, shuffle defense etc). Once it senses the types of players it starts the EQ. I tried last night not icon passing and just playing like a YOLO baller noob and the EQ swung in my favor in the 1st quarter. I won the game easily by the 3rd. Try it out yourself

Its also matchups. 90%+ of the time if I havent lost a game yet, I face much higher overalls than mine. If I’ve lost a game, I get lower or even overalls and at most 2-3 higher. Games so full of shit. I used to combat EQ with post play, but they either nerfed it or gave every recent card the badges to make you miss in the post. This company is trash.


People forget the EQ works both ways. I’m damn sure you’ve won games you had no business winning. You thought you was good but it was just the algo


I have no idea what is up with me but I’m winning like half my games in TTO with GO KD, Tmac, and MJ. My players feel like they have 60 speed and Amy Lance or Diamond Gerald Wallace are running circles around them. I’m considering just selling everything and coming back in summer with a few mil to fool around with

This is typical past 3 years it’s either bad servers or the game punishig non-spenders who built god squads.

Either way it’s bad and I agree. Going to sell off other than a TTO squad to mess around with and come back when the market is perma tanked.

EQ and fake cards are why I don’t think I will ever become a hardcore myteam player again. I was sweaty in 2k16,17, and 19 (18 sucked too hard and had no gamemodes). I don’t think it will ever return to 17s perfect balance

I remember when people said equalizer doesn’t exist.

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How are you supposed to just enjoy the game online when the winner is essentially predetermined?

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the quote is how I feel sometimes