Remember that thread when

Remember that thread when

People wore they were not getting 2k20 where yall at now?

This 2k looking like a big W. They blew myteam out of the water hopefully its as good as it looks and they dont mess it up for those kids who complain about everything being too hard.

And then the park trailer man oh man… its a big W.

With that being said I am also doing a giveaway of 3 copies of 2k20 on the nba2kreddit discord. 1 legend, and 2 standards. Just join the server and use the reaction for the giveaway bot for a chance to enter.

Discord link:

The King of New York (Lavar Ball)


Err, still not getting 2k20.

Don’t feel like playing endlessly again.

Gonna just chill with the wifey and grind for a house lol


They showed offline triple threat rewards and didn’t even dare show the online ones… which my guess isn’t there, these position restrictions are cool until they release guys out of position, same with badges they are restricted but give it a little bit and random people wil ss badges on themxzx


Nothing changed for me. I can post a bunch of words and ideas too, doesn’t mean they are true or stacked up to what they appear to be.

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For what it’s worth I always said I was gunna start my team later

But I’m reassessing. I can NMS it until mt is cheap lol


I always buy the game every year and quit around Christmas time. I feel like it keeps the game fresh every year. Also that’s the best time to play myteam since not every player is super juiced yet. Ill probably do the same thing this year, play till Christmas then take a break, come back and buy a team full of GO for 200k lol did that this year and last year

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You HAVE to play myteam, your dinosaurs will be like 3 stars now in PlayNow

Every year the same shit…
The amount of people getting hyped by 2ks propaganda is craaaazy.

As long as I don’t get my hands on it I will expect the same flawed product with minor tweaks as every year…

Seriously, 2ks marketing dep is laughing their ass off, they just need to write one blog and let 2-3 ytbers play the game early and everybody starts dancing around the bonfire singing kumbaya my lord… until they play the game themselves and the whining starts again. So sad! So predictable.

If you can bet on something than that’s for 2k to take a great idea in theory and corrupt it with greed and/or pure incompetence.

Dont get me wrong, i will buy the game, but the amount of sheep ass mofos is getting on my nerves. Sorry.


I’ll be in late… My kids are both in highschool this year (senior/freshman)… Basketball season will be even more fun!


Yeah, idk how can anyone fall for it every single year.

So far, I haven’t seen a single feature that’s a big improvement compared to the last year.

Idk how can people get hyped for “fire myteam content”. Same shit every year. Reward cards are obsolete by December or so.
For every reward card, there will always be 2-3 comparable/better cards in pack that are usually from far more popular players.

On top of that, there’s no matchmaking of any kind yet again, just a single-tournament with questionable qualification format.

As for mycareer, same crap yet again. They’re forcing the meta even more. Bigs and wings are either defenders or shooters. Or defenders who can shoot a bit. (never the other way around)

“1000 builds” and yet 80% comp teams will have similar lineups.


Base off 2k previous track record they never techinally gave limitless to player like Giannis Ben Simmons. Also they tehcinally only gave 3 center gold limitless( Big z, Meyers and Lopez.Meyers is the only center to actually receive hof limitless. 2k is random with badges but they did handle that part of it well. Sabonis never once had gold limitless on his card. Giving the ability to add any badge will lead to the gameplay being broken no matter what they did. It was a good change.


Nah killa big career year get the grind pants ready

No go davis for me lol.

I’m making a James harden so be ready for that lmao

I’m gunna have a big for sure. And then probably a pg again tbh. Something similar to last year’s. I liked that build

Still looks like a huge L to me.

MyCareer and Pro Am players look like a buncha D-Leaguers so far.

MyTeam got buffs to the ball-drops… dude.

It stinks from here.

I agree but now that you can’t add badges I think we’re gonna see them add different badges to guys… I wouldn’t be shocked if that sabonis has all the shooting badges

Bruh we got positional locks.
Change out settings ofr PWF.
Upgradeable cards for myteam.
Tokens returned.
New mp builder.
New parks.

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It’s a redefine 2k19

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