Release changes ? Sluggish experience

Hey guys , I was 2 weeks off on vacation and just came back… AND noticed some of my cards releases went pretty slow now like GO Melos one. He was a sniper for me after I’ve finally got his release down. But now ? I’m releasing it like half or 3/4 of the bar everytime cause it feels so sluggish. Also animations feelin more clunky. Have they changed something ? Or is it a server problem again ???

I found out when you don’t play for like a week and come back everything feels weird, you’ll be fine ina. Day or two


Could be laggy servers… try your shot meter to feet only or off. You’ll have a better idea of what the true release looks and times like. Then put the meter back on. If u like

Interesting - thank you guys , looking forward to get that old releases back soon :joy:


Servers been laggy bro.
Also you’d be fine after playing some games :innocent:


Yer I don’t think it’s 2k it’s just you. My main accounts best shooter was T MAC, I couldn’t miss with him but after getting banned for 4 weeks and going back to him I can’t get the timing right . I’m much better with Melo and base 11s that I used more recently

Na I noticed it too with Melo seems like they slowed his jumper down could be servers tho

Everything has been weird since they put the game on sale… they really don’t understand how many people play this game lol.

Melo jumper is definitely slower than before and is harder to time now IMO

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I scored 40ppg with Melo even though I was complete ass with his jumper.

Had to sell him, Kobe greens everything for me.


Your muscle memory has waned. It’ll come back.

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Guys I’m serious - MELOS Release ist 100% not the same as before. It’s def slower now.

I agree, had to sell him

LeBron is coming …

What’s the point between changing his release and an upcoming GO LBJ :joy:

The connection is you dump Melo to buy LBJ . The point is you should never be content with your team

Melo is still beasty on offense on the 2 spot. His old release was much better but I have to master the new one yet. I’m sitting on 2 mill MT so I’ll still keep my melo. Don’t wanna Stress myself with the whole sell and rebuy ish

Good for you , unfortunately many people don’t think like you :slight_smile:

Personally I run a Knicks theme team from time to time, when running this team I’ve put in the diamond melo and the opal, I personally struggled with the pd for whatever reason, the diamond feels exactly the same to me as the opal, which the pd the release feels different

Yeah , people are smart. I haven’t made experience with best time to sell / rebuy this is why i‘m Staying away. I’ve tried it like 2-3 times and catched a fat L everytime :joy: