Relatively undiscussed gameplay issue

Remember at the start of 18 when the devs came out and said ‘If you try and pass out of a shot, it won’t go well’ or something along those lines? One of the bullshit things that has happened with these stupid OP cards is that there is almost no consequence for passing out of a shot! I’m so sick of playing perfect defense, forcing a contested shot only for them to wildly pass out of a shot and it be a perfect pass to a team mate where they can try again. It’s fucking bullshit. I know we’ve all heard it and said it before but this game takes NO skill or basketball IQ to win…


Ho yup pass out of a shot when your defender closes out and he gets rewarded cause your guys are now scrambling…


Legit one of the most frustrating issues in the game! I try and play solid D and on ball 90% of the time (only change to shut a play down i can see happening) and like you said lock them down only for them to force a pass out of a shot with 2secs to go on the shot clock and its like a HOF dimer pass :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: shit makes me rage


There should only be a handful of Players, mostly Guards that should be able to do this. Not Bigs like Wilt and Duncan loll

I don’t really play like that, and only do such a thing when driving into traffic and kicking out midair depending on the contest via a guy like 98 CP3 or another A1 playmaker. Which results in a beautiful assist more times than not. However, it’s bullshit when these turbo drive kick guys do this bullshit when there futile attempts are heavily contested, and it’s a perfect pass over and over. I miss playing with lower tiered cards. PnP is the shit. I love draftinf emerald Fox and guys like gold Zach Lavine. It’s just far more realistic.


You know what else is fucked up? Everyone having 99 stamina… people just running the same 5 for a whole half or a whole game with no consequence is so fucking trash.


I hate it when my opponent has diamond Shaq, passes to him in the corner, thinks it’s someone else, goes up for the shot, realizes it’s Shaq and gives a perfect pass to Kobe or someone who is not guarded tightly enough anymore for an open three. Total bull ish.


He’s probably got gold dimer tho haha that’s why badges are ridiculous aswell