Rejoice! MTU Shooting Is Much Better

Obviously gameplay isnt perfect but it seems as though 2k is actually, maybe, kind of listening to what the community wants! I could tell there are quite a few differences

MTU disconnects seem to be completely resolved

Wide open shot making definitely received a buff but not too much. I think its perfect right now. Larry Bird can actually make shots now!!

Standing layups around the rim no longer go in at a 2k19 PWF %

Blow bys seem perfectly balanced right now imo. They can get clamped by a good defender but also get stripped at a decent enough rate if youre blowing by into traffic

With shooting buffed 2-3 zone isnt nearly as good.

Couple things that need to be tweaked:

Bail out shooting fouls while driving to rim. Still happens too frequently

Free throws are too easy right now for poor ft shooters. Its not good how someone can be getting clamped just run into the big man you move to contest, theyre in perfect position and they auto get 2 free throws that are almost guaranteed to be made.

Looks like were on our way to a very good year if they keep this level of service up. Hopefully 2k stays committed to making positive changes we all seem to want


Yeah shooting is much better now.

I hit like 4 open 3s with J.R. in a row… Unthinkable before. Really even hitting 2 open shots of any kind in a row

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Has dribbling changed at all?

Not that I could tell in the handful of games i played but to be fair i dont think there are very many players right now with great ball handling. There are definitely players that i can get good dribble moves off with tho. Amy wade specifically, bird is really good actually, lillard, etc. not many small forwards can dribble well rn.

Dribble escape is back to right stick

Not for me. Clanking everything.

Wait, we can call random white rewards guy Larry again? Hallelujah!!!

Yes sir

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Thank God, welcome back Larry!

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Had to laugh at some of these tweets regarding the patch. Sounds promising though. Glad to hear it’s improving quickly.



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I played 10 games and it didnt happen to me and doesnt seem like its being complained about much if it is happening

Got it twice in my last 4 games.

Damn maybe its specific regional servers

I doubt it, i think you just got lucky.

idk. 10 times in a row doesnt sound like luck. I couldnt complete more than 2-3 games without getting error coded and got error coded 4-5 times in a row at one point. Who knows tho

Please stop. Are you suggesting i will need to relocate to US for better 2k20 experience? :rofl:

Would it surprise you at this point lol. Only reason i even suggested is bc im pretty certain their regions are independent of one another as in like we cant play each other or match up and i cant match up with west coast but dont quote me on it

Well nothing would surprise me at this point with 2k.