Reggie Lewis!

If you enjoyed the ruby card from the start of the year, like most people did, this card is a must-cop. On PS4 he is only going for 5-6k and he is unbelievable. They literally gave him Kobe’s dunk animations.

The badges are also very nice, mostly scoring but does come with D-Stopper and good stats to back it up. This card is mostly a slasher, but the mid-range is also good, with a passable 3pt rating as well. Animations are where he shines, and that being said, he’s as good as it gets when attacking the rim.

Go get this card, especially if you need an 11th man off the bench or just want to put your nuts right in someone’s face. He’s a steal for the price!


I prefer Rip Hamilton tbh.


I prefer your mom tbh.


Reggie’s ruby was insane earlier in the year… Literally dunked on everyone and those who tried to stop him just looked silly… was hoping we’d get an amythest or a diamond version

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What’s Reggie’s stats?

Mom jokes are usually too offensive on this side of the world.

No one over there ever makes jokes about Delonte West and Lebrons mom??

Yeah, I packed him and was like oooooohhhh shiiiitttt. His ruby was a beast for me.

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Nope, moms are sacred and always excluded :slight_smile:

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What I’m wondering now is, will he get a duo? Maybe with McHale?

Maybe, I mean, the are plenty of 80s Celtics he could get a duo with: Dennis, Bird, McHale (maybe a future Robert Parish?)