Refs are back trying to get their shine

Watching the Bucks vs Heat refs totally fucked over the bucks , sad to see

Wdym Spo had to run half way across the court to call a timeout that didn’t get picked up to end up getting a technical, they added .7 secs to the clock with 2.3 left and didn’t call Giannis tackling Olynik for the ball, the calls evened out in overtime bro

Giannis fouled out for the second straight game deal with it :sunglasses:

Refs in general putting their whistles to work this year. Celtics raps game was pretty crazy so many offensive turnovers. …

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Giannis is your favourite players favourite player deal with it :blush:

3 people with 5 fouls on bucks in 3 quarters that’s called a fix my friend

Budenholzer had multiple sezuires in OT Deal with it :sunglasses:

Remember when Harden had like 3 fouls in the first quarter when the Bucks played the Rockets?

Sounds like some KARMA

NBA isnt worth watching until playoffs anyways. It’s still football season. Cant wait for college basketball to start in a few weeks.

Travel calls are definitely a point of emphasis this year. So. Many. Travel. Calls.

And an awful lot of tricky tack defensive fouls too.

Could be the Sixers being such a physical defensive team but I feel like they start each quarter with 2 Team Fouls every quarter. Cot damn.

I hate football. I’m so happy ball is back. I’m weird and love watching full games. Random games too. Not just raps.

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Still the reigning MVP :hot_face:

What the fuck giannis travelled TWICE on his and one at the end of regulation :man_facepalming:t6::-1:t6:

I watched bucks - heat game.
Bucks fucked up so bad keeping Bledsoe and letting Brogdan walk and giving that contract to Middleton. And why the fuck robin Lopez shooting 3s.
Im impressed by heat rookies.

Yah I saw fucking Lopez shooting 3s the other day and almost threw up

Giannis had 2 fouls in the first 2 minutes in that game

Giannis is a DEER

in the headlights when he sees his daddy kawhi…

Word. They way too whistle happy this year. Let the kids play. Oh wait that’s MLB.

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Seriously tho. It’s fucking slowing the game down by so much.

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