Redux: WTF are the Lakers Doing?

Seems to me that they have no strategy this year or at least not a winning one. How are you going to use Rondo, Lonzo, and LeBron on the floor at the same time with no shooters?

They’re screwed unless they make some SERIOUS roster changes. Josh Hart and Kuzma aren’t enough. Ingram’s a nice piece, but he’s not a viable, All-NBA level 2nd/3rd option yet.

This team is going to get smashed night-in and night-out in the West. I’m with Chuck!

They thought to sign so many playmakers so they would pass the ball so much around opponents heads would start spining and they could lay it in instead shooting from 3.


LMAO :rofl:

I think their main focus is having all playmakers so that whoever gets the rebound can run and go. Quick outlet and they’re running. They want to run before the defense is even set most of the time. Shooting has been poor, but it can only go upwards. With the likely suspensions of Ingram and Rondo coming, it opens up time for Svi, who is actually knockdown. I hope he shows out and gets some time. They’re asking Kuz to be a big and battle bigger players and I believe that has hurt his impact from deep, because he’s not making his threes so far. KCP is in a funk, but he was a good shooter last year and we’ll just have to wait for him to get out of that slump.

Josh Hart is gonna get huge minutes.

I hope, have him in both normal and keeper fantasy on yahoo :joy:

They can easily score 120 a night without hitting efficiently from deep, think about it. You think they’re doomed just because they’ve lost two games that they could have actually won? The team isn’t knocking down their shots, but their offense is still putting up crazy numbers. They’ve shot 59% & 60% from inside the arch in both games and an abysmal 23% & 25% from the arch with a ton of good looks. Even small improvements will make a big difference over the course of the game with this volume of shots they’re getting up. Let time run it’s course, and then you’ll have enough evidence to support it one way or the other. Personally, I’m not betting against the guy with the highest IQ of this generation, a coach who has been groomed by some all-time greats, and a president in Earvin Johnson. They have a ton of talent on that team. Their chemistry will improve, and if they can even hit at a 30% clip or just below league average they’ll be fine. Hell, cut back on these 30+ attempts a game and they’re gonna be fine. They have a roster full of guys who can get to the rim and create off the dribble. I vote they’ll be just fine.


Theyre also new team and played 2 strong teams, they will figure it out.


The only thing I’ve noticed in the first two games for them this year is they like to play a lot of small ball. I think at one point last night they had Ball, Rondo, Hart, Stephenson and McGee in there at once. I saw a lot of sets like that in both games and so far, it hasn’t worked out for them. I say if you’re Walton, you trade everyone else on the team, get Lebron the ball, and just use four centers around Lebron and just set like a huge wall of picks. THIS WILL WORK

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I was thinking the same exact thing. Give them time to develop chemistry and don’t be so quick to judge considering they played 2 notable opponents.

I’m personally not too worried about their shooting. Kuz, Ingram, KCP, and Hart are better shooters than they’ve shown during the first 2 games. Lonzo’s been shooting better so far too. He just has to show that it’s not a fluke and he can do it consistently.

I’m more worried about their defense and rebounding. Kuz should not be playing backup center. He doesn’t really protect the rim and he’s not that great of a rebounder. Hopefully once Wagner is back he’ll be the backup center so Kuz can slide back to PF where he plays best.

Had they played Hawks and Kings and smacked each team by 20 people would be quick to be on their train. Just gotta wait and see.

Yeah… Wait and see. :grimacing:

Rebounding, absolutely. I’ve watched smaller opponents snatch offensive rebounds from between 3 lakers, ridiculous. They’ve looked lackadaisical on the glass.

The defense was fine last year, the problem is the effiency on offense… and it looks like it remains. They have high scoring games cause they playing in league elit pace.
Btw there are a lot of new faces, they need 2-3 months. I wouldnt suprised if Lakers dont have a PO spot until january/february.

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I honestly feel like they are showcasing expendable players for trades to put the real team together. I don’t see them as a playoff team this season. For the record, I respect Lebron’s talent, but I just don’t like him. Loyalty goes a long way towards legend status and he’s never been loyal to a franchise.


That’s a pretty good take (the talent showcase that is)

Amen. Preach.

Anyone preaching about player loyalty to a franchise is absurdly misinformed. Since he’s the type of talent that commands a loyal front office you expect him to waste his talent in one place and not make business/familial decisions for he and his loved ones? Crazy. Had he not returned to Cleveland and brought them home a championship then you can say what you want, but he did. His legend is fully intact and only growing by the day homie. You don’t have to like it, but it’s true.

PS. He went back to Cleveland. He finished the job.


That was last year though. And as u said, there are a lot of new faces. Only 5 players from last year are in the current rotation so we can’t expect the defense to be the same. Plus they don’t have Randle who was a big part of the defense last year. As pretty much the backup and small ball center, he was strong enough to bang with the bigs and quick enough to guard the perimeter. Lakers don’t have that right now.

By the way, their offense as a whole has actually been pretty efficient. They shot 48% both games despite shooting 23% and 25% from three. They’ll be fine though. Like u said, we just gotta give them time.

Playing 11 years for one franchise doesn’t equal loyalty? Man you ESPN robots kill me with these propaganda‘s talking about “loyalty”. Sports at the professional level as everyone would know is a business. If loyalty was really a thing you wouldn’t see players getting cut/traded by the ownership. Shaq, Iverson, Nash, Wilt, Kareem, Jason Kidd, Moses Malone, and Charles Barkley to name a few are all legends that played for multiple franchises that nobody question there “legend status“.