Redeeming 100k VC on ps5?

How do I redeem it? Do I just need to log onto a ps5 with my account?

If its the same as xbox you only had to log on as long as you had the mamba edition.

Make sure when you download the game you download the next gen version and not the current gen version from the store

If I got a mate to log into his ps5 on my account would the extra 100k be on my account as well for ps4?

It would probably be on his ps5

Someone logged in on their ps5 and nothing. No VC

ouhhh thats ouchy

I think you need to actually download the next gen downloadable version that comes with the mamba edition for you to get the vc

VC is account related not system. Plenty of people offer grinding services and everything they grind for (mt,vc, rewards,etc…)stays on said account

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This happened to me. Turned out I downloaded the PS4 version. Once I downloaded the next gen version I was good

Would you know how to get the 100k VC for me? Other person it didn’t work for

I’m not exactly sure. I thought u just had to log on. But maybe you have to redownload it to get it?

Nah you can’t just log on. Think you need to redownload it cause I had a mate just try it for me and I didn’t get any extra vc

Had a buddy from here login my account on his next gen. Got the 100k. I logged in on my current gen and 100k was there if that helps

Does this work? Lol