Redeem Worthy or wait?


I was about to do it today (already have Wilt and Bob), but just saw this tweet and I’m hesitant now. What y’all think? Is it possible that we’ll get new GO token rewards soon (I thought we won’t get any more of them)? Is Worthy still relevant with PG and Kawhi on the market?

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Maybe in June.
If it’s your last Go Reward
I would suggest that you should wait.


Personally you already have a base 11 player with bob, worthy is amazing but I’d look at one of the other guys just for the fun factor, granger is similar to worthy without the defense


Yeah, Granger’s defense is terrible. I like Jamison more - much tougher card. Is Worthy much better than Jamison?


No ,
Worthy is way better on offender than any other base 11 player available.
Better dribbling , post game , excellent driving and the 3 pt shooting like the others

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no point redeeming now since you can buy the same players or better on the auction house


ill only redeem if its someone special like a GO porzingis or something

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Nah theres already better players than worthy out wait


Worthy is in a different tier than any of those players… clamp god, amazing post game, good dribbles, all base 11 guys shoot the same… only person near him is cowens but cowens doesn’t have the handles worthy does, everyone in that market has a compareable counterpart honestly




up to you if you wanna wait but worthy is still a beast, we could see much better token drops or they could be undersized & flawed players — it’s really a gamble that they’ll drop the token cards & that they’ll be better than worthy, but if you’re patient then sure wait for it


Think about how much easier it is to acquire 500-600k for an auctionable opal vs. 750 tokens. It’s worth waiting to see what might come out

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CJ was like 200k this morning on PS4. Well IDK but 2K Need to think out a strategy with GO-Market imo. I dont really think about to grind another 750 TOKENS for a GO when theyre about to flood the packs with GOs for 200-500k now.


I’m in the same position OP. Less than 100 tokens away from my first reward and had been planning on worthy this whole time but think I am going to wait to see what’s next. They are going to have to add more rewards at some point for the 3k tokens to be worth it. I know worthy is really good but I would hate myself if I missed the chance at a D Rob or something


Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I’ll wait those 2-3 weeks, there’s no rush, my team is stacked and I don’t really need him. I just want him for my all time Tar Heels squad.


Only redeem Worthy if u don’t have any GOs and do not plan on getting any of the pullable ones but if u have GO Paul George, what is point in getting Worthy?


I have 7, including PG. But I still have to spend this 750 tokens on something. I’ll wait though.


For sure they will add new juiced GOs in rewards or else nobody will grind for tokens


Just get Frazier. He’s awesome.

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I was thinking about it, but I have MJ as my starting pg and I know I’ll get opal Magic when he comes out, so I don’t have room for another pg. Plus I have Zeke too.

I would take him before AI for sure though. I know he’s great.


Jordan as a point guard you say.