Red Kyrie and Diamond Kobe swb and 3 shoe price?

what are people usually willing to spend because of these shoes. thinking of selling but not sure what a good price is? I know I can’t sell them solo, but what value does it add and which is the better shoe?


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It depends on the player you throw them on

Are you looking to help someone out or Max profit

Red Kyrie on Kobe might net you the most right now

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On 98 or 97 Kobe? On 97 Kobe it’ll go for about 120K which’ll net you about a 10K profit if you buy the base card lol.

98 Kobe

On Xbox 98 Kobe seems to be going for about 350K, but there’s one with a red Kyrie up for 470K with 1 hour and 50 minutes left. The overhype of HOF badges is real I guess.

I’m trying to profit and or help someone out / profit too haha